You are an intelligent and accomplished woman, committed to those you love and to making a difference in the world.

And you have achieved a great deal!

Yet something is missing…

Have You Left Your True Self Behind?




You have a good life and you know you’re blessed. You’re doing good work in the world and people look up to you.

From the outside looking in, everything looks great. It seems like you should be happy and fulfilled every day.

But you’re not.

And sometimes that makes you really question yourself or your life. Because for all you’re doing, something’s still missing. In fact, many days you wonder…

  • I’m doing so much — why aren’t I happier?
  • Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?
  • Am I really fulfilling my purpose? And if I am, shouldn’t it be fun?
  • Isn’t there supposed to be…I don’t know…more?

It’s ironic because you already have so much on your plate! Your life is filled to the brim with worthwhile and meaningful activities — and responsibilities that make a difference in the world — and yet in the midst of it all, even when you’re absolutely exhausted and on your last nerve, you can’t help but feel like…

…something’s missing.

And you know what? You’re right!

There is something missing…YOU!

Somewhere under the weight of your responsibilities and the busyness of your life…

Who you really are got put on the back burner.

As a result, you have an immensely busy life but you’re not feeling completely fulfilled. That makes you restless. Weighs you down. Stresses you out. You’re not as happy and alive as you know you could be!

That’s no fun.

And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. Or that you don’t appreciate what you have.

It’s because there is so much more of you wanting to come out. Inner gifts and abilities (that you might not even know exist!) are pushing on you from within to come out and have their day. And you crave an inner peace and fulfillment that you haven’t found yet.

You deserve so much more.

I have seen this distress so many times! It is rampant among women who are the most accomplished or have the greatest potential. And the saddest part is that it keeps them from thoroughly enjoying the rich lives they have. Just as it is doing to you!

Helping you through this is my specialty.

I have been helping women like you for 30 years.
And I
get it.

I understand what it feels like for you and I know how to get you through it. To the place where you feel like your life is finally falling into place. Where you are doing what you are truly here to do (not just what you or other people thought you were supposed to do). And where you are feeling ease, well-being and joy on a daily basis — as though you are meant to feel that good. (You are!)

Getting there is an inner journey as much as an outer one. And it can be a tough one if you try to do it all by yourself. At such an important life transition, it’s important to have a guide who knows this territory well.

I know this territory like the back of my hand.
And I know what you need to do.

The secret to your successful transition is connecting more deeply with your true self. That is where the answers lie. That is where the self-love and inner peace are. That is where the road map and all your inner gifts are waiting for you.

How can you get there?

My purpose, my passion, my work in the world is to help you get there. That is what I am here for. And I’m incredibly good at it.

I went through this journey for myself back in 1984. Back before there were any coaches to help me. It was hard to go through it alone, with no one to guide me. Really hard. But I persevered and in the process…

I pioneered techniques for connecting with True Self.
My techniques have been transforming people’s lives for the last three decades.

Sometimes my clients come to me at the end of their rope.

“I’ve been running my company for 20 years, but really, now it’s running me. I still believe in what my company does, but I’m exhausted and it’s just no fun for me anymore. I’m afraid that the stress is going to make me get really sick, like cancer or a stroke. I don’t want to crash and burn, but I don’t know how to stop or what I would do instead.”

Or they’re at a major turning point that will affect the course of the rest of their lives. A divorce, career change, leaving their company, empty nest…or just that feeling that there should be more.

“I’m use to being in charge, but now I mostly feel disoriented and uncertain. I really  want this to turn out well and be an uplifting, positive change in my life. But how? I feel like I’m in new territory without a map or GPS!”

And sometimes it is something different. But with all of them, the change they want is not possible without getting more connected with their true self. Without that inner, true-self connection, they are living a life that is not really their own.

The journey does not have to be as hard for you as it was for me.
Because you do not have to go through it alone.

You have me.

And I have a unique, intuitive ability to see the big picture for you.

  • I see the greater context in which your life changes are happening or need to happen, your inner strength and gifts, and the new path opening up for you.
  • I describe all this to you.
  • I help you connect to your true self so you can see it, too.
  • And I guide you forward.

This saves you precious time and energy (when you would otherwise be floundering and feeling disoriented) so you can move forward with ease and clarity. And the confidence and unshakeable well-being of being your true self.

How did I gain this ability?

It was an epiphany in 1984 that opened me to my true self and the ability to “see” and guide other people. I was a successful, over-extended, go-go-go business owner who loved my work and was helping people. But I was overwhelmed and couldn’t find the brakes — and frankly, I didn’t think I needed any — until I hit a wall.

The first chapter of my book, Coming Home: The Return to True Self,  gives you the dramatic details of this story as well as some of the deepest, most important life lessons I learned from my true self about how to find a life of inner peace, joy and fulfillment. You can start using those lessons right away!

Claim that chapter now in the box below.
Then go to my Coaching page to see how we can work together and get you to a life of rich reward, happiness and ease.

My gift to you…

CLAIM YOUR GIFT NOW. Is my story like your story? Connect with your true self to find inner peace purpose and joy in your FREE chapter of my book, Coming Home: The Return to True Self.

You will not be able to put it down!” –Gail McMeeken, author of “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women“


Connecting with your True Self is liberating. It opens doors to:

  • Health, happiness and well-being
  • Self-love
  • Quality relationships and family time
  • Greater business success and better decision making
  • Successful navigation of major life changes
  • Purpose
  • Contribution and legacy…

…And living with a richness and delight that nurtures You  as well as others.

This breakthrough can happen for you!

Whether you feel good about your life but sense there is MORE — or feel overwhelmed or discouraged and hope there is MORE…

I know the best is yet to come for you!

Because there IS more. Absolutely! And it is my joy and my calling to help you find it.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, get your free book chapter and then let’s talk about how coaching with me can make this the best turning point in your life ever!
Believing in you,



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The world needs our most powerful, influential women to be healthy, happy and living in balance. Yet women leaders tend to live with constant stress and exhaustion. My mission is to help these highly capable, remarkable women — who have contributed so much of themselves — find the ease, joy and inner renewal to make the next phase of their lives their best and most rewarding!” –Martia Nelson



(Note: “Martia” is pronounced like Marsha.) .


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