You are an intelligent and accomplished woman, committed to those you love and to making a difference in the world.

And you have achieved a great deal!

Yet something is missing…

Have You Left Your TRUE SELF Behind?



You have a good life and feel blessed, yet deep down you sense, There’s something more.


It makes you restless, weighs you down or stresses you out. It keeps you from being as happy as you think you should be.


Sometimes it makes you really question yourself or your life.


But what can you do?

The WORST thing
is to stay the same and miss out on this “something more”. You definitely do not want to look back on your life one day with regret because you didn’t know what to do now!


The BEST thing is to connect with your TRUE SELF. Your true self is who you really are. Your deepest, most authentic you. The part of you that knows your purpose, your hidden strengths and gifts–and the best, most meaningful and fulfilling way for you to proceed!


Your True Self is your deepest,
most authentic self

Your true self always knows how to get you out of your rut or stuck place to higher ground. Where you will THRIVE and give your greatest gifts to those you love–and to the world.


Your life gives you SIGNS that you need to connect with your true self…


  1. You feel stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted by all you have to do, and at times you get so crazy that you actually think the solution is to do more! You wish there were an easier way.
  2. You feel restless, antsy, even cranky! You can’t quite be happy. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but something feels off, like you’re not in the right place or not doing the right thing. Like you’re missing something.
  3. Your life is at a crossroad or major life change. Whether the change is in career, family, relationship, purpose or something else, this new phase is disorienting and you want to move forward in the best possible way. But what exactly is that way?
  4. You have been so responsible to your work or other people’s happiness that you have let your own health and well-being slide. Your needs have been last on your list for too long! But you’re having trouble making good self-care a top priority.
  5. You have an inner critic that won’t go away. In her eyes, you are never enough. You want to get free of the negative self-talk.
  6. A romantic relationship is difficult. Your relationship suffers because you are too busy, stressed or exhausted to give it your best. Or if you’re single, you can’t find the right person, don’t make good choices, or just don’t have time for all that! Yet you can’t help feeling lonely.

  7. You feel you have a higher purpose and long to be living it. There is so much more within you that wants to come out!

If you are like most dynamic women, you relate to at least one or two of these signs. In fact, most high-achieving women relate to three or more.

So you’re in good company.

And it’s easy to let any of these issues slide and simply become the background for your life, especially if you don’t know that to do about them.

But here’s the danger.

These issues are costing you precious time, money,
health, love, happiness and fulfillment

And in your quiet moments, you realize that you no longer have unlimited years left to fix things–time is zipping by. The time to make important changes is Now.

With maturity you also know that money isn’t everything. A higher priority is to make choices that will give you a well-lived life.

Your True Self is the secret to that well-lived life.

No matter how good your life is now…

Living from your true self makes everything better.
And you feel so much better.

When you connect with your true self, you gain a life that NOURISHES you, even while you are serving others
…no matter the stresses and pressures around you.

A life in which you know who you really are and have an exceptional state of inner well-being.

With all you have done, and still want to do,
you need and DESERVE well-being.

Well-being is the most important trait for you to reach your external goals and find inner happiness and fulfillment. And it is both the preventative and antidote for burnout.

With true self well-being, you become relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. Relationships get better. It’s easier to achieve your goals and have more time. You truly take in and enjoy your successes and blessings. Your life has purpose and pleasure.

But when you live disconnected from your true self,
something is always missing.
And life is harder than it needs to be.

Being connected to your true self is so important that without it, stress and overwhelm wear at you, and even when you reach your goals you find yourself wondering…

“Is that all there is?”

You’re not sure who you are or why you are here. Or how to live your life purpose and make your contribution to the world.

Or even if you think you are living your purpose, it’s an uphill struggle. It is depleting you. In either case…

It’s aging you instead of making you a more vibrant person.

That’s a big RED FLAG warning you of trouble ahead!

If you ignore the warning and keep pushing through the stresses, you end up drained and exhausted. Then if you keep going like that, your body complains. Your relationship suffers. And sooner or later you hit a wall, which brings a crisis with your health, relationship/marriage, children, career, or emotional well-being.

I don’t want you to hit a wall!

Connecting to your True Self now can save you from a crisis later.

You have a choice. You can choose which direction your life goes.

When you connect with your True Self, new feelings of ease and joy emerge. Your purpose gets clearer and your goals more attainable. Self-love and happiness grow.

It has happened in my life and I have witnessed it for countless others.


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You will not be able to put it down!” –Gail McMeeken, author of “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women“


book-coverFor almost 30 years I have guided women like you through True Self Breakthroughs — to a True Self life. It is a profound, life-changing passage from restless potential to inner peace and a fruitful, purposeful outer life.

I know that passage from the inside out because I have gone through it myself.

First I hit a wall.

Then I went through my True Self Breakthrough and turned my life around. The vibrant, authentic person I was deep down was set free to live the joyful, meaningful life my soul intended for me.

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Connecting with your True Self is LIBERATING.

It opens doors to:

  • Health, happiness and well-being
  • Self-love
  • Quality relationships and family time
  • Greater business success and better decision making
  • Successful navigation of major life changes
  • Purpose
  • Contribution and legacy…

…And living with a richness and delight that nurtures YOU as well as others.

This breakthrough can happen for YOU!

Whether you feel good about your life but sense there is MORE — or feel overwhelmed or discouraged and hope there is MORE…

I know the best is yet to come for you!

Because there IS more. Absolutely! And it is my joy and my calling to help you find it.

If what I’m saying resonates with you, let’s talk about how I can coach YOU to a True Self Breakthrough that is the positive turning point you want!

Claim your FREE chapter and then phone or email me.

CLAIM YOUR GIFT NOW. Get top tips for a True Self Breakthrough in your FREE chapter of my book “Coming Home: The Return to True Self”.

You will not be able to put it down!” –Gail McMeeken, author of “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women“

Believing in you,



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The world needs our most powerful, influential women to be healthy, happy and living in balance. Yet women leaders tend to live with constant stress and exhaustion. My mission is to help these highly capable, remarkable women — who have contributed so much of themselves — find the ease, joy and inner renewal to make the next phase of their lives their best and most rewarding!” –Martia Nelson



(Note: “Martia” is pronounced like Marsha.) .

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