You are an intelligent and accomplished woman, committed to those you love and to making a difference in the world.

And you have achieved a great deal!

Yet something is missing…

 Have You Left Your TRUE SELF Behind?


Your True Self is your deepest,
most authentic self

It is your wise inner voice and your source of genuine well-being
It is the “higher” you that knows your true purpose and best life path. It can give you the answers to your Big Questions and  the solutions to the little nuts-and-bolts problems in your daily life. 
Your True Self always speaks with love and compassion – as you are ready to hear it. And as you are ready for a richer, more joyful and fulfilling life!
Are you ready for a True Self Breakthrough?

True self is the ANTIDOTE to stress, struggle and overwhelm

The degree to which you feel stress, struggle or overwhelm is the degree to which you need a stronger True Self connection. Without a strong True Self connection, most of us are used to just pushing on through the stresses in our lives. Until we hit a wall.

I don’t want you to hit a wall!

Reconnecting to your True Self now can save you from a crisis later

Reconnecting with True Self creates a breakthrough because life takes a turn for the better after that. It has happened in my life and I have witnessed it for countless others.

You  might be ready for such a breakthrough.

So let me ask you, do you relate to any of these signs that you are ready for a True Self Breakthrough?

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You are ready for a True Self Breakthrough if…


You read about the importance of being your True Self  (Thrive  by Arianna Huffington) or you see powerful women talk about it on TV (hello, Oprah!)…. and a part of you jumps up and hollers…


“Hallelujah! I want that!”

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You are ready for a True Self Breakthrough if…

    • You feel overwhelmed by all you have to do and wish there was an easier way to live. At times you get so crazy that you actually think the solution is to do more!
    • You have an inner critic that won’t go away. In her eyes you are never enough
    • You feel like you’re living a life that isn’t fully YOU, which is a lot of pressure and not much fun
    • You sense there is a Higher Purpose for you (or want there to be!) and yearn to be living it
    • You have been so responsible for other people’s happiness that you have forgotten how to create your own (making someone else happy doesn’t count)
    • Your business life and spiritual life are separate, and you yearn to integrate them
    • You are going through a tough challenge or loss right now that looks negative on the surface, but you want to turn it into a positive transition to a better life
    • You love your life and feel blessed, yet deep down you sense, “There’s something more.” Even if you don’t know exactly what it is, you know it’s important and you yearn for it. You don’t want to look back one day and realize you missed it!

Each of these signs is good news. No, FABULOUS news!

It means your True Self is whispering to you

And that means you are ready to connect. (Or if you already experience your True Self, you are ready to connect more deeply!)

It is time.

Connecting with your True Self is LIBERATING

 It opens doors right and left. Doors to:

  • Inner peace and freedom from overwhelm
  • Happiness and well-being
  • Intuition and creativity
  • Self-love and confidence
  • Higher purpose
  • Greater business success
  • Better relationships and quality family time
  • More free time…and a social life!
  • Deeper connection with Spirit and sense of belonging in the world
  • Knowing the right track for your life – and the way to follow it
  • Specific answers to your important questions
  • Making your greatest contributions with ease and joy…

 … And living with a richness and delight that nurtures YOU as well as others

book-coverFor almost 30 years I have guided women like you through True Self Breakthroughs – to a True Self life.™ 
It is a profound, life-changing passage from restless potential to inner peace and a fruitful, purposeful outer life. 

I know that passage from the inside out because I have gone through it myself.

As I went through my True Self Breakthrough, the vibrant, authentic person I was deep down  was set free to live the joyful, meaningful life my soul intended for me.

Read about it in your FREE chapter of my book,  Coming Home: The Return to True Self

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It can happen for you, too!

So, whether you feel good about your life but sense there is MORE — or you are overwhelmed or discouraged and hope  there is MORE…

I know the best is yet to come for you!

If what I’m saying resonates with you, let’s talk about your biggest challenge and how I can guide YOU to a True Self Breakthrough that will be the turning point for your life.

Phone or email me with the contact info below.

Believing in you,

(Note: “Martia” is pronounced like Marsha.) .

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The world needs our most powerful, influential women to be healthy, happy and living in balance. Yet women leaders tend to live with constant stress and exhaustion. My mission is to help these highly capable, remarkable women — who have contributed so much of themselves — find the ease, joy and inner renewal to make the next phase of their lives their best and most rewarding!”  –Martia Nelson


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