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Martia Nelson hosted The New Feminine Wealth radio show so she and her guests could start new, empowering and sometimes provocative conversations about women, wealth and meaning. Listen to these archived replays at your leisure.

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Listen to or download the past-show replays by left or right clicking on the titles below.


MARTIA NELSON: Wealth & True Self
Why is monetary wealth never enough to make us happy?
Show host Martia Nelson connects wealth and true self and answers these questions—and more: “What is your “true self?” “What is the spiritual purpose of money?” “Why do we feel so judged around money?” Then she reveals how you can feel you deserve all the good in your life.

JENN AUGUST: Removing Unconscious Blocks
Part 1
Part 2

Scratch the surface and you’ll find that most women, whether wealthy or struggling, have an uneasy relationship with money. They feel guilty or unworthy about having – or wanting – significant money and are secretly afraid of being judged by others, losing their money, or never having enough. Subconscious blocks keep them financially stressed no matter what they do. Today Martia Nelson and Jenn August reveal the reasons women get stuck in their stress patterns about money and give you solutions.

Jenn August is a business hypnotherapist, certified success coach, and one of the world’s leading experts in removing subconscious blocks to health, wealth and well-being so women can live a life of clear purpose and abundance.

SHARLA JACOBS brings “heart” to the subject of money.
If you feel uncomfortable asking for, receiving or having money, there is a reason – and Sharla will tell you what it is! Sharla is in the business of bringing “heart” to people’s relationships with money. She teaches business owners around the world how to have sales conversations that come from the heart and are truly in service to others — and, in the process, to become comfortable with wealth and success. Whether you are in business or not, Sharla and Martia will show you how to think differently about money so you feel empowered, comfortable and confident about the money in YOUR life.

Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentor, Sharla Jacobs, and her husband Jesse Koren have been proclaimed “The Leading Authorities in Holistic Business Training.”  Click here to receive Sharla’s free gift.

KIMBERLI HUDSON: Changing the Money Conversation
Part 1
Part 2

It’s time to change the way women talk about money and wealth! With unusually frank talk Martia and entrepreneur, inheritor, and venture capitalist Kimberli Hudson pull out all the stops — and even break some taboos — with a provocative and liberating conversation about wealth.

Kimberli Hudson is an entrepreneur who has started 12 of her own companies, an inheritor, and a venture capitalist who invests in other people’s small startup companies.

JUSTINA MUTALE: Ending AIDS Among the World’s Youth
An AIDS activist from Zambia, Justina Mutale is the founder and CEO of Positive Runway — Stop the Spread of AIDS. She tells how AIDS has devastated her country emotionally, financially and socially by orphaning a generation of children. And she shares how Positive Runway is using hip and creative outreach to teach AIDS prevention to youth around the world.

Justine Mutale is the AFRICAN WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2012, Honorary Ambassador for Gender Equality and Spokesperson for the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S THINK TANK, a member of the “POWER 14″ (a consortium of African Diaspora Women Leaders selected for their phenomenal leadership qualities and achievements in community development) and the founder of the multi-award winning Founder & CEO of POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread (a worldwide HIV/AIDS response campaign that spans 6 continents).

How to Maximize the Blessings and Minimize the Curse of Wealth for Your Children

Martia and guests Emily Bouchard & Dr. Jamie Traeger-Muney show you: the pitfalls of wealth for your children & how to avoid them; ways to talk to your children about your wealth; how to get past the fear of having wealth conversations — and a template for what to say and when.

Emily Bouchard and Dr. Jamie Bouchard-Muney are partners of Wealth Legacy Group and help women and their families navigate the blessings and difficulties of wealth. They also co-host their Wealth Psychology radio show at



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