Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

What Are Your Personality and True Self?

Do you know that all emotional distress originates in your personality? And that all sustainable happiness, joy and well-being can be found by shifting your awareness into your true self?

Sounds good. But maybe you're wondering What exactly are the personality and true self?

To give you a good, succinct description, below is one of the most popular excerpts from my book, Coming Home: The Return to True Self.


Most people call Personality the ego. It is our conscious self, conditioned to see the world through the eyes of limitation, to judge ourselves and others, and to keep tight rules about what we can and cannot do in life.

Personality sees a small reality,
not the greater reality that cradles it.

"True self, on the other hand, is our unlimited spirit.

It patiently stands by, offering the unwavering knowledge that a state of vibrant well-being and unlimited possibility is our true nature, a birthright that can be lived if we choose to do so.

True self sees beyond the personality's blinders into an unlimited reality that is the essence of creation and in which all things are possible.

True self refers to the essence of our being
that perceives all and is all.  

True self is completely aware of its expanded nature no matter what may be happening in our lives, and no matter what our personality is thinking, feeling, or doing. True self is undiminished by the personality's suffering and always sees the bigger picture.

By embracing the personality, yet also expanding
beyond it to the unlimited love, guidance and creative power
of true self, we can thrive.

Excerpt above is from Coming Home: The Return to True Self,  © 2010 Martia Nelson


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