Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Ever Hit a Wall and You Just Can’t DO Everything?

I'm back -- after taking time off from blogging and newslettering because I hit one of those walls where I just couldn’t do everything I wanted to do!

You know how seductive it is when your mind says, “I could get more done if I just pushed myself harder,” right?

Me, too! But…

Constant pushing is a recipe for exhaustion, loss of joy, and burnout.

I care about my well-being, so I followed the advice I give to my clients.

When my clients get overwhelmed with all they have to do, I teach them NOT to push themselves.

Instead I show them how to pause and tune into their true self.

In the calm, clarity of our true self, we can see which actions are really the most important — and which are the panicked “shoulds” we need to let go of.

And in our true self, we tap an inner knowing that tells us, gently and clearly, which actions will increase our personal well-being and which actions will decrease it.

In that state, we can ask ourselves, “Which actions will support and nourish me — and which actions will drain the life out of me?” and we’ll get answers!

That is essential information!

Choosing well-being-based actions increases energy, joy and fulfillment.

I love energy, joy and fulfillment so I took my own advice.

I tuned into my true self and asked for guidance about the next phase of my life.

As usual when I ask, I got some answers in clear words immediately and other answers in the form of inner nudges and inspirations as time went by.

Here are some highlights of how my well-being-based path has unfolded since you last heard from me:

  • Working with clients thrills me and fulfills me, so I have kept doing that (absolutely!)
  • I fell lusciously in love last year (after a long romantic drought), so I have devoted time to nurture and deepen that relationship
  • I have pondered and scribbled notes for a new book I felt pulling on me from the inside
  • I have traveled (Germany was the highlight)
  • I’ve been giving the extra care needed by my very elderly dog and cat (if you have had elderly pets, you know how that goes!)


  • I designed a new True Self class for you, which will soon be available online

So I wonder, if you were to tune into your True Self and ask for answers–and then hear them or feel their nudges– what would open up for you in your life?

What actions would you know to let go of — and what new, well-being-based impulses from your True Self would you follow?

In support of your greatest well-being,.


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