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Heal the Inner Critic


No matter how wonderful we genuinely are, the inner critic doesn't seem to want us to know it. Or enjoy it.

It relentlessly points out our “flaws” and makes us feel insecure, afraid, unlovable, invisible, dissatisfied with our success, unworthy or like we’ll never be "enough". It quashes our potential and holds us back in career, relationships, finances and creativity.

How can you tell if your inner critic is holding you back?

The inner critic's ways are cagey, clever and so insidious that you might not even know you're being sabotaged. Here are some examples.

  • You get a great idea or want to try something new, and your mind says things like “You’ll never be able to do that!” or “Who do you think you are?”.
  • With the quieter version, you just start feeling discouraged and stuck. And easily distracted. Like your mind is keeping you from moving forward. Because it’s afraid you’ll fail. Or afraid you’ll succeed -- and, goodness gracious, then what??!!
  • Even more exhausting, no matter how much you do or accomplish, it’s never enough. After the adrenaline high of reaching your goal wears off, you feel let down, empty, like you should be doing more. So you do more. And more. And more. It’s an endless hamster wheel! And a recipe for burnout, tension headaches and more serious health problems down the road.
  • You avoid or sabotage romantic relationships, or keep being drawn to the "wrong" partner, because deep down you feel unlovable or undeserving.
  • You're always stressed about finances -- either never having enough money or always feeling afraid you'll lose the abundance of money you do have -- because you feel unworthy of genuine support and ongoing well-being.

You're not alone -- even the most talented and accomplished among us secretly feel deflated by the inner critic!

So if YOU feel this way, it’s not your fault.  Even in the inner critic tells you it is. 

There IS something you can do about it! And it is sooooo much easier than you think!

In this dynamic and compassionate class, and in ways you probably never thought of or heard of before, find out how to...

Invite your inner critic out of the shadows into the light where it can receive all the love and tenderness it has been secretly craving.
And watch it transform into an AMAZING source of Self-Love, Confidence and Inner Wisdom.  A true ally!



NOTE: This class has already concluded. To be notified when the downloadable version of the class becomes available,
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Coming Home

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