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The world needs our most powerful, influential women to be healthy, happy and living in balance. Yet women leaders tend to live with constant stress and exhaustion. My mission is to help these highly capable, remarkable women—who have contributed so much of themselves—find the ease, joy and inner renewal to make the next phase of their lives their best and most rewarding!” 

As an International Executive Coach, Martia Nelson liberates clients from the pressures, stress, loneliness and exhaustion that rob them of their joy and time.

She reconnects them with their True Self and helps them find deep joy and fulfillment — in both career and personal life — so they can make their contribution to the world in a way that lights them up from the inside out.

A True Self authority and thought leader in her field for 30+ years, Martia is also a best-selling author and an uplifting and compelling speaker.

Martia’s expertise in managing the unique stresses that come with success and achievement, overwork, high visibility and major life turning points make her indispensable to clients as their confidential mentor.

She masterfully helps clients and audiences:

  • Know their Purpose and next steps
  • End overwhelm
  • Make better decisions
  • Silence the inner critic
  • Have inner peace and clarity in the most challenging situations
  • Turn major life changes into positive turning points
  • Find more time and life balance even when it seems impossible.

Clients have included founders of multi-million dollar companies, philanthropists, best-selling authors, and others who value (or long for!) a life with meaning and contribution. They have been located in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.


MARTIA NELSON is the author of Coming Home: The Return to True Self and a contributor to Entrepreneur Success Stories,  A Celebration of Personal Heroes  and 365 Days of Gratitude.

Coming Home  was released in 1993 with accolades from fellow thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Shakti Gawain. An updated edition was released in 2010.

Coming Home  offers deep insight into the nature of the field of pure potentiality within us all. It will help all those who seek fulfillment from the level of Being rather than Doing.“


A personal healing crisis in 1984 led Martia to a spiritual epiphany and remarkable connection to her inner source, which she calls True Self: 

“I was a successful, over-extended, go-go-go business owner who loved my work and was helping people. But I was overwhelmed and couldn’t find the brakes — and frankly, didn’t think I needed any — until I hit a wall. That was what it took for me to realize how disconnected from my True Self I had been.

Hitting that wall was so scary that I knew I needed a different way to live. So I committed the next year to creating a strong connection with my True Self. As I turned inward every day, my True Self showed me self-love I had never known was possible and revealed what my gifts to the world were.

My life transformed, and I gained a unique, intuitive ability to “see” other people at a deep level. I see their True Self; the big picture for their life, purpose and challenges; their hidden inner strengths and gifts; and the life path opening before them. Then as I guide my clients forward, I describe all this to them and help them connect to their True Self so they can see it, too.”

In her book, Coming Home: The Return to True Self,  Martia shares the dramatic details of her story and outlines the principles her True Self revealed to her for leading a rich life. This spiritual connection is the foundation of her life and work.

Martia is also a HUGE dog lover and an all-positive dog trainer. In the last chapter of Coming Home, "My LIfe Goes to the Dogs", Martia chronicles how our love of dogs can be a spiritual path that opens us to our true self and enriches all aspects of our lives.

For many years she and her doggie love-of-her-life, Rincon, had a world of fun teaching Canine Freestyle Dance classes together!

See the fun video below of Rincon and Martia demonstrating toe-tapping, tail-wagging dance steps!


Martia's Past Service to Her CommunityLife's Voyage sculpture

  • Founder & Director of the nonprofit project Arts for Healing, which provided cancer-survivor painting groups and art exhibits
  • Commissioned a 9-foot public sculpture, Life’s Voyage, and a cancer-survivors’ quilt. Both art pieces empower people whose lives have been touched by cancer
  • Board member of Bread for the Journey, which awards micro grants to grassroots community projects in Sonoma County, CA
  • Board member of Lomi Clinic, which provides affordable mental health care

NOTE:  "Martia" is pronounced like Marsha.

Contact Martia at martia@ or 707-529-9732 (USA, Pacific time zone)

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