Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

If you're feeling scared, shaken, angry, stunned and or deeply disturbed by the results of the election here in the United States...
If you're doing your best to pull yourself together and regain a sense of safety, peace and well-being but you're having a rough time of it, this Special Invitation is for you.
On 11/16/16 my friend and colleague, Nancy Tierney, and I hosted a post-election, virtual Healing Conversation.

We talked about ways to heal the divide, stay true to our hearts, and stay connected to Source / True Self / Divine Love.

As focus points, we used the distresses felt by people leading up to and after the U.S. presidential election as our focus, but the inner-peace-and-well-being practices and perspectives we presented can be used in other challenging situations, too.

It was so dynamic, engaging and healing that we want to share the recording with you, as a gift.

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Our intention is that listening will help you regroup, realign and regain your connection to your inner True Self so you can know a deep, unshakeable sense of safety, peace and joy… no matter what.

This recording is a safe, welcoming place. We did not rehash political issues or engage in any kind of “us vs. them” discussion.

It's a place to get the support, guidance and community you need to leave the fear, anger, and dread behind and get back to living from the perspective of your True Self - that eternal part of you who is always safe, in love, and connected to infinite well-being.

We deeply and sincerely hope you will listen.

We originally called the conversation "How to Feel a Whole Lot Better and Put Your World Back Together...or...Let's Lose the Post-Election Blues". But now that we've had the call and I know what's in it, I think a more fitting title might be...A Post-Election Healing Conversation.

But no matter what we call it (clearly, I haven't yet landed on a title that really resonates with me), please download the recording and share it with your friends.

It is meant to reach the ears of every sensitive soul who could use a little soothing right now. 

With love,


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