Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

This is going to be a particularly special class.*  Enroll by 9/9/16…

Heal the Inner Critic

The inner critic relentlessly points out our “flaws” and makes us feel insecure, afraid, unlovable, invisible, dissatisfied with our success or like we’ll never be “enough”. It quashes our potential and holds us back in relationships, career and creativity.

Even the most talented and accomplished among us secretly feel deflated by the inner critic!

So if YOU feel this way, it’s not your fault.

And there is something you can do about it!

It is sooooo much easier than you think! Find out how in this dynamic and compassionate class.

Invite your inner critic out of the shadows into the light where it can receive all the love and tenderness it has been secretly craving.
And watch it transform into an AMAZING source of Self-Love, Confidence and Inner Wisdom. A true ally.


WHERE: Sebastopol, CA, in-person only

Sebastopol is about one-hour north of San Francisco.

WHEN: Eight 90-minute class meetings, mid-September to mid-November

This will be a smaller, more intimate group, and I will schedule this class in consideration of the availability of the participants. I have done it this way for special groups in the past, and it always works well.

COST: Donation, you choose your amount.

Why “donation”? Honestly, I want to make it easy for the “right” people to be there. This will be the first group to work in-person with me using my newest material slated for my next book. I welcome participants who are receptive, motivated, open to deep healing and happy to give me feedback.


When I was writing my first book (Coming Home: The Return to True Self, 1993) I organized a class to be the recipients of the material I was putting together for the book. It was a way to try out my new material — and to channel, or “bring through”, new information I hadn’t thought of before by responding to the needs of the group. It was a rich and transformative experience for all of us. I am still in contact with some of those people today!

Now as I am writing my book on Healing the Inner Critic, I am putting together this class for a similar purpose. I will be sharing some of my newest material — and will be developing even newer material as we go, in response to the needs of the individuals in the group. Group members will receive cutting-edge concepts and techniques — and lots of personal attention–and they will give me feedback that will help me refine the content for my book. Together we will develop a deep connection and trust in an environment of discovery and transformation..

TO ENROLL: Call me before 9/9/16.

Call 707 / 823-4403 (landline, no texts)
We will have a brief telephone conversation to be sure this class is a good fit for you.