Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Are You Reeling from the Election? Here's Help!

This is a special post. And a sensitive one.
This presidential election was a particularly brutal one for most Americans, leaving a lot of people feeling weak, sore and deeply discouraged, regardless of who they voted for.

If your candidate lost, you might be feeling shock, sadness and profound disappointment. Like you were ready to watch a glass ceiling get broken -- and instead you are left feeling a little broken. And like the country is more broken than you had realized.

And as you really try to look forward and feel good about something, you can't help feeling fear, dread, and even anger.

Even if your candidate won and you feel relieved and happy about that, you might still be reeling and feeling bruised from all that has happened both before and after election day. And you have worries about how this country can move forward in a united, constructive way!
I have heard from sooooo many people who are really struggling and having a hard time with the state of our country right now.

We all need relief. And constructive, uplifting conversation that will bring us back to internal balance.

Yet sometimes talking to people close to you -- even like-minded friends -- ends up reinforcing how bad you feel!

That's why my friend and colleague, Nancy Tierney, and I hosted a virtual Healing Conversation on 11/16/16.

And we saved the recording for you.
Click here to listen or download -- for free, of course.

Because we want this conversation to take us all to the place within our selves where we do have power. And safety. And where we can restore inner balance and well-being.

And genuinely come from love and empathy, for our selves and for others.

It's a place in our true self where all is well no matter what is happening in the world around us.

You can feel good again!

Can you imagine how much better it will feel to be able to access deep, inner well-being as you go about your day? And as you reach out to others to participate in the country's healing?

And how much more empowered and effective you will be as you take constructive political action?

You deserve to feel better. And you can.

CLICK HERE to listen to or download the free recording.

Let the healing start.

Believing in you,


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