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“How to Feel a Whole Lot Better and Put Your World Back Together…
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No matter what candidate they supported, soooo many people have said they were deeply rocked by the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and/or election, and they just can't shake the weight of the distress they still feel.

They're talking about the uncomfortable, stressful, fearful, and despairing feelings that get stimulated by politics.

On 11/16/18, my friend and colleague, Nancy Tierney, and I did a podcast to address these issues.

Not from a political standpoint, but from a perspective of finding unconditional love, restored well-being and True Self connection.

The recording is our gift to you.
This is a safe, welcoming podcast. We did not rehash political issues or engage in any kind of “us vs. them” discussion.

This podcast is kind, wise, sassy, funny...and loving.

And deeply transformative. 

As you listen, strengthen your connection to your inner True Self so you can know a deep, unshakeable sense of safety, peace and joy… no matter what is happening in politics!

Why are we giving you this recording?

Because we feel that no matter what people's politics are, our country (and world) will become a better place as more people experience greater unconditional love and well-being. All day every day.

And especially in the face of politics.

Inner peace begets outer peace. We really believe in that.

So, no matter who you rooted for in the election...

Claim this download for an empowering, uplifting, wellbeing-restoring perspective that might be different for you -- and might make the difference for you.

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Coming Home

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