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Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Have You Found the Heart in Money?

Sharla-JacobsSharla Jacobs is on the front lines of a generation of women who have achieved financial affluence and yet consider spirituality a greater wealth.  

When I asked Sharla about her relationship with money, she answered:

"It's about alignment. Are you connected with something greater than yourself as you operate in your life?"

She continued, "Whether it's purchasing something at the store, helping someone who's less fortunate, or getting a new client -- where are you operating from? For me personally I ask, 'Am I connected with God in all that I'm doing?'"

Sharla considers spirituality to be the guiding force in how she makes her money.

Sharla and her husband, Jesse Koren, teach entrepreneurs how to earn six and seven figures by selling from the heart. In their Heart Selling system, they teach people how to create a "heart" connection with a prospective client or customer in which, first and foremost, they are there to serve. Not to take or manipulate, but to serve.

The desire to sell goes hand-in-hand with the desire to serve.

If you don’t think that the words heart and money go together, it's really no wonder.

The negative messages our culture gives us about money start early. Money is bad. Money is the root of all evil. No love there.

But consider this...

The reason most women want money, even lots of it, is love-based.

We want to take good care of ourselves, our families and the world.

That means our basic, innate relationship with money is love-based.

It comes from our heart -- the same place our caring and connection to others comes from.

That means that when we are not coming from our heart when we think about money or take action to generate money, such as have a sales conversation or market our businesses, we are in discord.

We are out of alignment with our innate, love-based relationship with money.

We are meant to have a love-based relationship with money. And with clients. And, by extension, with the world.

When we’re truly coming from the heart, serving people through our businesses automatically contributes something positive to the world.

The more successful your business, the greater your contribution to the world. That is a powerful, heart-centered vision to carry!

Do you have a heart-based relationship with money?  Take this quiz:

  1. Do you choose to cast off the negative stereotypes about money and find the "heart" in money?
  2. Do you see money as a positive tool to lovingly support yourself, your family and the world?
  3. Rather than the old model of sell-sell-sell, do you embrace a sales model where you are in service to potential clients and customers through the services and products you sell?
  4. Are you guided by a vision in which your business contributes to the betterment of the planet?
  5. Do you feel that your spirituality -- or being part of something greater than yourself -- is an even richer wealth to you than the money you strive to create (or already have and enjoy)?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you are in a heart connection with money. It's something to nurture!

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  1. Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan)

    Yes! to all 5 questions presented here. Great post. I could not agree more. “Am I connected to God in all that I am doing?” Starting with love is the only way I know how to serve and sell. When you begin with a loving focus on serving, you are able to see many more possibilities and many more solutions for your clients. You serve in a bigger way!

    • Martia Nelson

      I know what you mean, Stephanie. Starting with love and service broadens your vision so you see more of the bigger picture for your clients and your business, doesn’t it?

  2. Sue Paananen

    I love the phrase, “the heart in money”. It’s true, so many of us are heart-based entrepreneurs, who are passionate about our mission and our blessing, and passionate about contributing to the worlds in many ways. Thanks for this post, and for directing us to those who can guide us with this mindset, like Sharla.

    • Martia Nelson

      You’re welcome, Sue! You’re right about so many of us being heart-based entrepreneurs devoted to making a contribution through our work. It just makes sense to be heart-based in our relationship with money, too. The two go together, hand in glove.


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