Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

Claim your FREE Chapter of my Book "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

I've Been Meaning to Call....

Have you ever meant to phone a friend you very much wanted to stay in touch with, but you kept waiting until you had time to really talk?

And you kept waiting and waiting, until you realized at some point you were too late for staying in touch -- now it was about getting back in touch?

So you picked up the phone and dialed, and when your friend answered you blurted out, "Hey, I've been meaning to call...."

That's what I want to say to you, my loyal blog and newsletter readers, "I've been meaning to call."

Or write.

I've been meaning to write blog after blog. In fact I have started many of them in my head. But you haven't seen any of them because I kept waiting for that clear spot in my schedule when I could sit down, fingers to keyboard, and really write to you.

The result is that I haven't blogged in a loooong time.

Now I am excited to tell you what has kept me so busy that you haven't heard from me...

...I have been working on my next book, The New Feminine Wealth.

I started it almost two years ago, very low-key and at a snail's pace. But for the last nine months I have been going gang busters. And I'm loving it! I have interviewed close to 100 people, and I plan to interview that many more.

I already have over 2,000 pages of transcripts of those interviews. They greet me every day when I walk into my office.

And for the first time, a desk covered with papers makes me happy!

You see, I love every person I interview. Even if I've never talked to them before, I learn so much about them at such a deeply personal level during the interview, that I can't help but love them by the end of our hour on the phone together.

Every transcript I see on my desk reminds me of the person whose words are on it.

And what words they are! Amazing wisdom and rich experiences are pouring out of people into this book. And I will be sharing the juiciest snippets of them with you in future blogs. (I promise I will write soon.)

We all know that women’s increased earning power over the last 30 years has expanded their aspirations in career, finances and personal fulfillment. But are you aware that women are actually changing the cultural paradigm of money and wealth, for us and for future generations? 

It is absolutely happening! And YOU are probably one of the women doing it.

So stay tuned and find out how you are part of this historical movement-- just by being yourself!

Oh -- and just in case you're at all concerned that I might get so immersed in my writing, blogging and interviewing that I'll work too long and  forget about good self care, here is a photo of my two loyal assistants who come to work with me every day. They are very persuasive about helping me maintain life balance, especially the breaks, exercise and fun.

With joy,



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